Sunday, July 17, 2011


Calling all hip-hop producers. I have been producing my own hip hop and rap beats for some time now. If anyone else uses Fl Studio and would like to collaborate on a project let me know on here! For those of you who do not know what FL studio is, it is a very powerful, virtual music work-space that relies heavily on the use of samples. If any of you are interested in getting started with FL Studio and music production you can visit their website and download a free trial of the software.  There are also hundreds of tutorials on youtube that can take one from a complete amateur to a professional level. Check out this guy's channel on youtube for all kinds of very well-done tutorials.  Hope I can get more and more people interested in such a great hobby or even career!


  1. nice post for tutorials. I have FL and want to learn but haven't had the time.


  2. I don't use FL studio but can still stem collab. Post up some of your tunes so i can see what you're all about.